Recent Before & After Photos

Roof Tarp

Following a hail and wind storm, our client suffered damage to his home and property. Shingles blew off of the roof and windows were broken. Our Team was able t... READ MORE

Flooded Office Space

Our Team was contacted by a local municipality following a localized flooding event. The flood water affected their entire building, with waters rising at least... READ MORE

Sink Supply Line Break

Our client contacted us following a break in the supply line to the sink in the second floor bathroom. The water damage affected the bathroom, and office below.... READ MORE

Hail Damage Repairs

There was a localized hail storm that caused damage to the roof of our client's home and siding. As shown in the before photo, you can see multiple holes and cr... READ MORE

Industrial Ventilation Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Following a heavy fire, there was smoke damage and soot build up throughout this entire facility. Pictured is the industrial ventilation exhaust fan. Our TEAM w... READ MORE

Carbon Web Cleaning

This is a basement that had soot and smoke damage from a malfunction in their heating system. The before photo shows Carbon webs that formed. Smoke produces tin... READ MORE

Bathroom Repair

Our client had a water line leak in their shower causing damage to the bathroom floor and ceiling below in the kitchen. With the shower line being fixed and the... READ MORE

Whole House Water Damage/ Repair

This home was for sale when a water damage occurred. The furnace had shut down after a mouse had chewed and tripped wires to the thermostat, ultimately causing ... READ MORE

Exterior Repair

Our client was referred to us through her insurance carrier after a vehicle ran into the outside of her home. There was damage to the back door, windows, and in... READ MORE

Equipment Cleaning: Commercial

Following a fire loss, smoke and soot can seep in and around any areas where air can flow. When it comes to electronics and equipment, they may require speciali... READ MORE